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Tank and LarrySelf Reported Case
Here is a picture of Tank and I and 2 X-rays.
In one you can see the lump of the tumor.
Remember this is a 73 Kg dog.
He was born 7 Jan 2004.
The microchip had to be installed if we were going to import him into New Zealand, so though I knew that there could be problems we went ahead and had a Homeagain chip inserted at the end of 2007 by our Vet in Nevada who was good, but when he stuck it in, Tank reacted by growling and snapping at him, when he is usually very stoic and a good patient. We first noticed a small lump around the end of 2008. So, I 
always thought it had been placed too deep. The first surgery was 16 June 2009 to excise the tumor.
Since the tumor was big and the chip was not reading 
(some malfunction, so I did not get even the claimed value) the Vet thought he had got it with the tumor, but after the dogwas in recovery and they dissected the tumor, they saw it was not there. On 11 Feb 2010, I forced the issue and even though the tumor could not be seen to be growing again, I had the chip located with X- rays again and had it removed when we did another minor procedure on him.
Everything has been fine since, in that area but you can still feel some minor lumps around the tumor site.
Take care,


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