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SerenJuly 17, 2011

I became aware that my dog Seren had a small lump/swelling between her shoulder blades; I thought at first that it may be an insect bite, but after 3 weeks it hadn't gone down. (It is about the size of a thumb nail and slightly oval in shape.)

August 8, 2011

Concerned, I took her to the PDSA where she is registered, and the site was scanned. This clearly showed that the chip was at the site of the lump. The vet said she could feel the chip within the mass and decided to administer an anti inflammatory drug called Rimadyl, 20mg dose of 1.5 tablets twice daily and for us to revisit in a week.

August 15, 2011

SerenWe revisited the PDSA - the lump remains the same size and the vet thinks it is a fatty deposit surrounding the chip - I have been advised to keep an eye on it and if it grows in size, I should immediately return, and they will remove it.

After my initial visit to the PDSA I decided to research this online and discovered this site and am now very concerned - especially as the PDSA wish to re-chip her if this one is removed. I have also had a consultation with another vet at a different practice and the site was again scanned with the same result - I can have the chip removed, but it will have to be under a general anesthetic and as Seren is due to be spayed at the beginning of October I have concerns - I don't want her to have two operations so close together so am keeping a close eye on it.

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