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Many countries and regions around the world have adopted legislation that requires pet owners to have a microchip (foreign object) implanted in their animals.  However, there are serious problems associated with microchips and the scanning devices used to read these implantable devices.

Part of our goal is to stop mandatory microchipping legislation from being enacted and to reverse current legislation that requires animals to be microchipped. We encourage you to join our efforts.

Please note:  We are not responsible for information contained in other web-sites.  Because legislation changes, please check current legislation regarding mandatory animal microchipping.

United States ArizonaColorado Florida Hawaii Illinois Kentucky Maine Minnesota Missouri New Mexico Oregon South Dakota Arkansas Nevada Utah Kansas Michigan Indiana New York South Carolina

United States

Arizona animal statutes provides that an impounded dog or cat shall not be released to its owner from the pound unless the dog or cat receives an implantable microchip for the purpose of identification.

A dog or cat owner may obtain a lifetime dog or cat license if the animal has a microchip implant. (Annual licenses do not require dogs or cats to have a microchip implant.)

The court shall order any owner of a dangerous dog to have the animal implanted with a microchip.

Miami-Dade County Ordinances
All cat and dogs sold in the county must be implanted with a microchip before the sale.

Savannah, Georgia
Dogs classified as dangerous or potentially dangerous are required to be implanted with a microchip.

Honolulu and Maui County Statutes
Dangerous dogs are required to be microchipped.

West's Smith-Hurd
According to the Illinois Animal Welfare Act a shelter or animal control agency shall not adopt out a cat or dog if it has not been microchipped.
Animals declared to be dangerous must be implanted with a microchip.

Impounded dogs and cats must be microchipped prior to being returned to the owner. Crime prevention dogs are also required to be microchipped.

Each person who possesses a dangerous “regulated” animal must have the animal microchipped. The local animal control authority must be notified regarding the animal’s microchip number and microchip manufacturer.
Owners, keepers, harborers or possessors of dangerous dogs must have the animal microchipped and provide proof to the city clerk that a microchip has been implanted in the animal.

Lexington-Fayette Ordinances
An adoption agency must microchip an animal before adoption.

According to the Maine statutes the court may order restriction on dangerous dogs, one of which includes permanent identification of the dog by tattoo, microchip or any other means directed by the court.
Maine statutes direct the commissioner to establish rules for permanent identification of all wolf hybrids by using a tattoo, microchip or any other method determined by the commissioner.

The owner of a wolf-dog cross must have the animal identified with an implantable microchip.

The owner of a large carnivore (big cats and bears) shall have the animal identified with a microchip implant.

Persons who possess a “regulated” animal must have the animal microchipped. The chip number and the name of the microchip manufacturer must be provided to the local animal control authority.

Chanhassen and Minneapolis Animal Control Ordinances
Dogs declared as being dangerous must be implanted with a microchip. The microchip number and manufacturer of the microchip must be provided to the animal control agency.

Kansas City
In order to register a dangerous or potentially dangerous dog, it must be implanted with a microchip.

When a dog is declared as dangerous it must be implanted with a microchip within the next thirty days. Once the procedure is done, proof of the procedure and microchip identification number shall be provided to the animal control authority.

Las Vegas and Reno
Dangerous animals must be microchipped.  Owners and keepers of wild animals (permit required) must have the animal implanted with a microchip.

New Mexico
Dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs must be chipped.

New York
If a dog is proven to be dangerous, the judge or justice shall order the microchipping of the dog..

A dog that is not put to death because of killing, wounding, injuring or chasing livestock shall be implanted with an identifying microchip.

South Dakota
City of Sioux Falls Ordinances
An animal declared vicious must be permanently identified with an implantable microchip.

Salt Lake City
Dangerous or vicious dogs must be microchipped. The chip number must be registered with the division.

If an animal is impounded two or more times without wearing an identification tag, the owner may be required to have the animal microchipped.

Guard dogs must be microchipped.


**Please note:  Many animal shelters in the United States will not allow a pet to be adopted unless it has a microchip implant.  Also, it appears that some U.S. military bases require pets to be microchipped.  (  

Many regions in Australia mandate the microchipping of dogs.

Australia New South Wales Queensland Tasmania South Australia Northern  Territory

New South Wales
Companion Animals Regulation 2008 (2008-374)
Microchipping and registration
All dogs and cats must be microchipped as part of the Companion Animals Act.

Northern Territory
Currently no statewide mandatory microchipping laws exist.
The area around Alice Springs is covered by the Alice Springs Animal Control By-Law, which requires all cats to be microchipped.

Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Regulation 2009
Microchip your cat or dog
Effective July 1, 2009, all cats and dogs in the council districts of South East Queensland, Gladstone and Central Highlands are required to be microchipped.
All other Queensland local governments will introduce cat and dog microchipping no later than 12 December 2010.

South Australia
Currently no statewide mandatory microchipping laws exist.
South Australia Dog and Cat Management Board
Dog and Cat Management Regulations 2010

New dog control laws
All dogs in Tasmania over six months of age will have to be microchipped effective July 1, 2011.
Dog Control Act 2000

Domestic Animals Act
Compulsory Microchipping requirements

Effective May 1, 2007, all dogs, must be microchipped.

Western Australia
Currently no statewide mandatory microchipping laws exist.
Dog Act 1976
Animal Welfare Act 2002

Canada does not require a microchip or tattoo identification for pet dogs. However, dogs that are being imported for breeding or commercial purposes must have a microchip implant.
Taken from the FAQ section of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency here:
Frequently Asked Questions - Importation of Domestic Dogs

Before the 2010 election all major parties in England raised the question of introducing mandatory microchipping of all dogs in England.
To learn more information on efforts to microchip every dog in England, please visit the web-site of our British friends:

European Union
Cats, dogs and ferrets
Traveling animals will be allowed to be identified with a tattoo until July 03, 2011.  Thereafter, a microchip implant will be required. 

Microchipping for pets traveling from EU countries into the United Kingdom, Ireland and Malta is a requirement.
Click here to read more on EU Pet Passport

All horses, donkeys and other members of the equine family that are born after July 01, 2009 in EU member countries are required to be implanted with a microchip as a form of identification.
To read more click here:
EU Adopts Single Passport And Matching Chip For Horses
EU States Reach Agreement On Compulsory Microchipping Of Foals

All dogs in Germany must be microchipped for identification. German government no longer accepts tattoos as a method of dog identification. Cats do not need to be microchipped.
Essential Animal Information for Pets in Germany

Republic of Ireland
Microchip Rules
All horses, ponies and donkeys in the Republic of Ireland must be microchipped.

Northern Ireland
Dogs (Amendment) Bill
All dogs must be microchipped in order to receive a dog license. However, this rule does not apply "if the keeper of the dog produces to the council a certificate signed by a veterinary surgeon to the effect that implantation (or continued implantation) of a microchip in the dog would have an adverse effect on the health of the dog."
Bringing pets to Ireland
All pet cats, dogs and ferrets imported into Ireland from an EU member state/territory must have a microchip implant.

Essential Information for Pet (Dogs & Cats) Owners in Italy
All dogs must be microchipped, by 2011.

Dogs and cats entering Japan are required to be microchipped for identification purposes.
Bringing dogs and cats into Japan from abroad

Movement of Companion Animals within and into the Union
The only means of identification accepted for entry into Malta is a microchip.

New Zealand
Dog Microchipping Regulations
Effective July 1, 2006 all dogs must be microchipped. Stock working farm dogs are exempt.

Import of dogs, cats and ferrets from listed third countries
All animals must have a microchip, or tattoo. Effective July 3, 2011 only a microchip will be accepted.

Essential Animal Information for Pet Owners in Portugal
All dogs in Portugal born after July 1, 2008 must be microchipped.  Cats are not required to be microchipped.

General Rules for Pet Owners in Spain
All domestic pets in Spain must have a microchip or tattoo. Effective July 3, 2011 only a microchip will be accepted.

Spain participates in The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS)  and this includes the islands, but not Ceuta and Melilla.

Marking and registration in Switzerland
Starting January 1, 2007 all dogs must be microchipped, and registered in the ANIS database.

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