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  Allie's German Shepherd

Allie's German ShepherdOn March 7, 2008 a pet owner of a German Shepherd shared a heart-breaking story of her beloved pet developing cancer, which appeared to be associated with his Home Again microchip implant. Her post is titled My Dog’s Microchip May Have Given Him Cancer. Here is what Allie (the pet owner) says:

“This February, I noticed a growth on his shoulder. We took him to the vet and had it removed and biopsied. Two weeks later, the biopsy came back and we learned that he had squamous cell carcinoma, a locally aggressive cancer not normally found in that location, or in a dog so young. At our vet’s suggestion, we took him to a veterinary oncology specialist. They did a series of tests and recommended that we have more tissue removed from his shoulder to get wider margins on the tumor site. He had the surgery on Wednesday. According to the surgical report his microchip ‘was found in the tumor-contaminated surgical field.’ I asked his surgeon if she thought the microchip caused the cancer. She said she didn’t know absolutely, but if it was a coincidence, it was an awfully big one, (especially since his tumor was in such an odd location and rare in a dog his age).”

Please read Allie's full post here.

Allie’s post solicited a lot of support and responses. Some of the responses were about more microchip horror stories. Here is what some of the pet owners say:

“My dog Dino had a tumor removed yesterday. It was behind his neck almost between his shoulder bones. His Home Again Microchip was inside. I noticed the lump about 3 to 4 weeks ago.”

"I am wary of microchips as well. We recently lost our two-year-old Lab to Osteosarcoma. He went from having a small lump on his side to a huge lump and cancer that had spread throughout his whole body in just six short weeks. He was in such pain we had to euthanize him. He is the only dog I have ever had microchipped and maybe it was just a freak thing he developed cancer but I can’t help but point my finger to the chip since that is the only thing different from how we raised and treated our other dogs."

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