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I wanted to let you know that in early March I had my little kitty Remington neutered.  When I got him I purchased a "Kitten Package" which entitled me to all of his baby shots and his well baby checkups for the first year, a discount on his neutering, AND a microchip.  When I saw the microchip was included I told them that I wasn't interested in that, because of the information I have learned from you.  There was no reduction in the package for my not taking the microchip, which was okay - I just wanted to be sure that they didn't put a chip in my kitty.

However, before I went in to have my kitty neutered I had printed labels that I wanted put onto my cats' chart saying DO NOT MICROCHIP MY PETS.  I was afraid that while they were doing one procedure they'd just automatically do the other and I wanted to make sure they didn't put a chip in my kitten.  Before I left, I made sure they were on the front of his chart when I dropped him off. 

When I got back that evening to pick him up they handed me the paperwork for his microchip!!!  I was furious and then they looked and realized that they had made a mistake and that they had handed me someone else's chip paperwork and my kitty was NOT chipped because they had seen my labels on his chart.  Now when I go into the vet to pick up medicine for my old kitty I see my large label prominently displayed on the front of their chart and know that my kitties will NOT be chipped. 

I just wanted to thank you again for the information you shared.  I am glad that I found out about it before they just automatically chipped my new kitty.  He now wears a nice little tag with his name and my number on his collar and I feel better knowing I haven't subjected him to possible illness.

Thanks again for your hard work and information.







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